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We bring virtual reality as a tool for better life

Life changer

What the truck can do for you


Virtual reality will come to you through our truck to give you a magical moment inside your future.

Swiss Quality

All our experiences are created in-house.

Grégory Valydon

Grégory Valydon


"Share my vision of bringing VR for better day to day life by creating Gulli-VR"

Anis Ben Khammassi

Anis Ben Khammassi

Chief Legal Officer
Alessandro Matteo

Alessandro Matteo


Master in Strategic operations , Bachelor in economic science, Geneva

Pin WEi

Pin WEi

3D developper and PHD in fluid mecanic

Interaction and concrete build through VR

What people say

H.E. Mr. Yogida Sawmynaden

H.E. Mr. Yogida Sawmynaden

Minister, Ministry of Technology, Communication and Innovation MAURITIUS

"Super product, will be great to collaborate with Mauritius Incubator"

Jean-Philippe Mohamed Sangaré

Jean-Philippe Mohamed Sangaré

Founder and CEO SSVAR - Swiss Society of Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality

"Your idea is truly upstanding and is very innovative. A real game changer!"


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